My little boy bathing in tub outside | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2017

The other day I was looking through old folders and I came across a ton of photos of my own children that I completely forgot I took.  How sad is that???  So, right then and there, I made myself order a bunch to hang on the walls in our house.  Guys, it is so important to print your photos.  Especially if you spend the money on professional photographs.   You don’t want them to get lost or hidden away on an old computer.  Print them.  Frame them. Hang them on the wall.  Cherish them.

The photos below are of my little guy.  These were taken when he was probably 20 months old.  I was starting to get into photography again and I had this vision of him playing with bubbles.  Truth be told, it was probably something I saw on Pinterest (insert eye roll).  They certainly aren’t perfect, but they are perfect to me.  I ordered a few 8×10’s to frame.  One day I’m sure this will really embarrass him, but oh my gosh, he’s a cutie!


Amanda Lynn with BBP Studios | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Photographer 2017 |


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