black and white of little girl laying on bed

I’m not really sure why I love black and white photography so much.  Probably because ages ago my very first photography class was Black & White Film.  Yep, that’s right.  Film.  I loved that class so so much.  One day I plan on getting back into film.  I would love to have my own little darkroom.  #goals.  Anyway, I guess I’m just drawn to black and whites because of that class.  I especially love black and whites of my kiddos.

We were staying at a hotel in Dumas, Texas, when I snapped these photos of my kiddos.  We were waiting for a thunderstorm to pass by so we could go swimming.  I think there was even a tornado just south of our location that day.  Crazy times!  Jack was probably 18 months old and LOVED playing under the sheets.  He still does, actually.  Katie was wearing the cutest little “Little Mermaid” bikini.  Both were taken with my Canon 6d using natural light from the huge hotel window.


Amanda Lynn with BBP Studios | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Photographer |


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