High School Senior Girl Shoot in Tulsa, Oklahoma | Oklahoma City Photographer 2017

high school senior sitting in grass throwing fall leaves in air at park in tulsa oklahoma

We drove to Tulsa, Oklahoma for this senior photo shoot.  I met Alycia, her mother and grandmother, in downtown Tulsa about an hour before sunset.  We snapped a couple of photos at the Trinity Episcopal Church.  If you have never been there, they have an amazing red door that is a perfect backdrop for photos.  Next we headed over to Woodward Park.  It was such a beautiful evening, and although it was late November, the trees were still so beautiful and full of fall colors.

Alycia had knee surgery earlier in the fall and was actually on crutches at the time of her photo shoot.  You would never know it tho.  She did amazing!  She had so many ideas and brought some great props to showcase her personality, including her bible, purity ring, and her grandfathers plaid shirt (pictured left).  I had so much fun with her an look forward to seeing her again!


Amanda Lynn with BBP Studios | Oklahoma City Photographer 2017 | http://www.amandalynnphotography.com


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