Beautiful Maternity Photos Wearing Long Maternity Gowns | Oklahoma City Photographer 2017

upclose maternity belly with red sweater tulsa oklahoma

Oh my goodness, how beautiful does she look?  Kelsey is my niece.  She is also a first for most of my photo shoots.  First engagement, first wedding, first baby announcement, etc.  She isn’t my first maternity, but she is my favorite maternity to date.  She contacted me about a week before Christmas to see if we could do maternity photos after the holiday celebrations.  My first thought was OF COURSE.  My second, we need some gowns!  I searched on etsy and amazon for hours, but most of the expectant delivery dates were in early to mid January.  That wasn’t going to work.  Luckily  I ran across Britni C’s page on Etsy.  She had a few pre-made gowns that would arrive just in time for the shoot and man, I’m glad they did!  Seriously, Kelsey looks amazing.  Motherhood looks great on her and I can’t wait to meet baby C!


Photos taken at home north of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Maternity gowns by Britni

Amanda Lynn with BBP Studios | Oklahoma City Photographer 2017 |


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