High School Senior Girl Photo Session in Automobile Alley | Oklahoma City Photographer 2017

high school senior girl wearing winter coat standing in front of window with christmas tree in oklahoma city

Gracie was one of my favorite high school seniors to photograph in the fall of 2016.  It was the first real cold day we had that fall and we had actually talked about rescheduling because it was so cold and windy, but we did the shoot despite the weather and I am so glad we did.  We had so much fun, even tho we just about froze.  She brought her sweet new puppy to her shoot.  I can’t remember the puppies name, but man he was a cutie.  His eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue.  We walked all over Automobile Alley in Oklahoma City and got some pretty amazing shots of her.

I took the photo on the left in front of a gray building and changed it to a pretty blue in post processing.  I also added the snow in post processing to give it more of a cold winter look.  I used my Canon 6d and Canon 70-200mm 2.8.


Amanda Lynn with BBP Studios | Oklahoma City Photographer 2017 | http://www.amandalynnphotography.com


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