High School Senior Girl and Christmas Lights in Automobile Alley | Oklahoma City Photographer 2017

black and white of high school senior girl wearing big scarf standing in front of christmas lights in oklahoma city

Anya was one of my 2017 High School Senior Reps through BBP Studios in Edmond, Oklahoma.  I met Anya and her mom in Automobile Alley for her photo session.  She brought her violin, and although not pictured, they were some of my favorite photos from her session.  We walked all over Automobile Alley and were about to part ways when I noticed the lights had just turned on a block to the south of us.  Every Christmas, all of the buildings located on Broadway in Automobile Alley hang lights from the rooftops to the ground.  Every building is a different color.  Although I’ve never attended, they have a celebration in the area and all of the buildings turn their lights on at the same time (or so I’ve been told).  Anyway, I told Anya that I just wanted to grab a couple more shots in front of the lights and then we could call it a night.  Interestingly, LED lights can be hard to photograph.  I’m not 100% sure why, but every other photo the lights weren’t glowing.  These are two of my favorite photos from the session, and of course, I had to make one black and white.  Love it!


Amanda Lynn with BBP Studios | Oklahoma City Photographer 2017 | http://www.amandalynnphotography.com

Location: Automobile Alley Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in December

Gear: Canon 6d, Canon 70-200mm 2.8


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