My little girl & gold glitter | Oklahoma City Photographer Feb 2017

close up of little girls feet covered in gold glitter

Glitter for days!  I originally saw this on one of the amazing Facebook groups I’m in and thought I would give it a try with my daughter.  I ordered the seamless paper and dress from Amazon and bought the glitter from Hobby Lobby.  I used regular as well as jumbo glitter.  I know a lot of photographers use glitter overlays but I didn’t have to with this shoot.  Our living room isn’t very big, but right in front of my desk is a bay window area.  I opened the blinds and hung up a cheap white shower curtain that I purchased on sale months ago from the Dollar General.  I rolled the paper out, dressed my daughter, and had my husband and son throw glitter towards her.  She had tons of fun and I got some pretty cute photos that I plan on blowing up and hanging on her bedroom wall.  After all, what little girl doesn’t love dressing like a princess and playing in glitter?!?!

The glitter was a pain to clean up, but honestly, I’d do it again.  I mean, look at those little glitter covered toes.  So freaking cute.  🙂


Gear used:

Canon Mark IV & Canon 35mm 2.0


Amanda Lynn Photography | Oklahoma City Photographer | Feb 2017


Little girl wears dress made by great-great-great-grandmother | Harrah, Oklahoma Photographer February 2016


little girl wears dress made by great grandmother with red backdrop and white hearts

Katie is wearing a dress made by her great-great-great-grandmother, Evelyn Agnes Whitson.  The dress has been worn by my grandmother, mother, me and now my daughter.  I was a little worried it would be too small since I was three when I wore it, but we made it work and I got the photo!

Evelyn was born in 1893, one hundred eighteen years before Kaitlin was born.  She married Jess Leon Williams in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma in 1913, and had 8 children, one of which is my great-grandfater Bus Williams.  She passed away in 1965 at the age of 72.

Her husband, Jess, passed away in 1990.  He was my great-great grandfather and I actually have several memories of him and his home.  Pretty cool, huh?  Not many people can say they remember their great-great-grandparent. | Harrah, Oklahoma Photographer